Comprehensive list of free and hot jQuery Plugin

February 24, 2015 comment

Show Message - jQuery Plugin for Display Notification / Message

Show Message is a jQuery Based plugin used to display message in notification bar at the top of web page or in any element.

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Owl - jQuery Notification Plugin

Owl Notification Plugin uses jQuery and CSS3 for display notification. It display notification in number of ways.

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February 23, 2015 comment ,

FullCalender - jQuery Date Picker Plugin

FullCalender is a jQuery Based plugins that supports a full-sized, drag & drop facility. FullCalender is a easily customizable for user triggered events like clicking or dragging an event. It also provide an extension for Google Calender.

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February 20, 2015 comment ,

jQuery Datepicker Plugin

A jQuery Datepicker plugin can  easily be added as a popup to a text box or inline in a div or sapn tag. You can also remove and disable Datepicker widget(plugin) if it is not in use.

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A Flexible jQuery Calender plugin

This is a very flexible calender component for jQuery. This jQuery Date Picker plugin allows user to easily add this component in to web application. This plugin can be used in number's of ways.

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JS Craft Image Scroller jQuery Plugin

JS Craft is a jQuery base image scorller plugin which list out images horizontally and vertically in the form of round markers.

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February 15, 2015 comment ,

Quick Access Menu Plugin

Quick Access is a simple, sliding navigation menu jQuery Plugin. Quick Access gives easy, flexible and user friendly UI.

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Handsontable - jQuery Grid Editor

Handsontable is a jQuery Grid Editor Plugin. Excel like grid editing with HTML & Java Script.

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jQuery Plugin - subway map visualization jQuery Plugin

Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin lets you create a beautiful, interactive subway map visualization for their website using HTML markup.

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